Official Documents

Welcome to the CUSID Library. Here you will find administrative documents, such as the Constitution and meeting minutes, as well as debate guides and other related documents.

The documents contained here have been gathered from various sources, including member clubs, Internet sites, and other works. If you wish to use these documents other than for your own personal use, please assign credit where credit is due.

Official Documents
National Documents
CUSID/SUCDI Constitution
CUSID/SUCDI Ombudsperson Act
CUSID/SUCDI Code of Conduct By-Law
2002 CUSID/SUCDI Code of Conduct Report
2001 CUSID/SUCDI White Paper on Gender and Debating
North American Agreements
CUSID/SUCDI Memo of Understanding: Between CUSID and APDA Re: North American Unversity Debate Championship Creation
World’s Statements
Country Report for the World University Debating Championships 2000-2001
Open Letters
Atlantic Region (English, 2005) (pdf)
Central Region (English, 2005) (pdf)
Western Region (English, 2005) (pdf)
Atlantic Region (English, 2006) (pdf)
Central Region (English, 2006) (pdf)
Western Region (English, 2006) (pdf)
World Universities Debating Championship Funding (English, 2006) (pdf)