Current Executive

Our Executive Team


Daniel Svirsky



Daniel is a fifth-year student pursuing a joint Law and Business degree at Western’s Law School and Ivey School of Business. This is his second consecutive term as CUSID President and fourth term on CUSID executive. Daniel has broken at over 25 tournaments around the world; amongst these he has managed to place as a semi-finalist at Yale IV, a quarter-finalist (and top 10 speaker) at HHIV, and been recognized as a runner-up at Ottawa Round Robin 2024. He also won BP Champs in 2021 and 2023, as well as won CP Nats in 2024. Overall, Daniel has been most appreciative of the amazing people he has met and for the friends he has made through debate. 

Something you probably wouldn’t know: Daniel has summited Mount Kilimanjaro! 

Julia Van Damme

Co-executive director



Julia is a third-year student pursuing a joint Arts and Teaching degree at Queen’s University. This is her third year debating and first year on CUSID’s executive team.  She is also a Co-Secretary on the Queens Debating Union. Some of her debate achievements include breaking open and placing as a semifinalist at Sutherland IV 2023, and her numerous judge breaks at a wide variety of  debate tournaments including BP Champs 2022, CP Nats 2023 and Guindon 2024. Julia looks forward to an exciting year to come for debate! 

Something you probably wouldn’t know: Julia once won a talent show by doing a cartwheel. :))


Raymond Qiu

Co-executive director


Raymond is a third-year student at Queens University pursuing a Commerce degree from the Smith School of Buisness.This is Raymond’s first year on the CUSID Executive. Raymond is a WUDC 2024 octofinalist, Tokyo Iv 2023 finalist and BP Champs 2023 finalist. Additionally,  Raymond is the Treasurer/Tournament Director of the Queens Debating Union and admin of NA Spar. 

 Something you probably wouldn’t know: Raymond makes cool music! You should check him out on Spotify! (@chuukki)  


Natasha Griffin



Natasha is a third year student at Carleton University pursuing a joint Political Science and Economics. She has worked on the Carleton University Debate Society for 3 terms, serving as their VP External, Vp Training and Equity. She placed as a second judge at BP Champs 2023, and was the finals chair at Queens NAWGM 2024 and Xerxes 2024. Outside of debate she enjoys drag shows, playing chess and singing karaoke! It is her first year on CUSID exec and is she is very excited for what this year brings.

Something you probably wouldn’t know: Natasha’s favourite artists are Marina, Chappelle Roan and Maise Peters!

Siddharth Chopra




Siddharth is a fifth-year Political Science student at the University of Calgary. He was the Director of Tournaments for The University of Calgary from 2021-2022, Senior Advisor from 2022-23 and President from 2023-2024. It is Siddharth’s first year on the CUSID executive council and is looking forward to helping promote competitive university debating in Western Canada.

Something you probably wouldn’t know: Siddharth and his younger brother were followed by a bear on a hike (that Siddharth promised his brother would definitely have NO bears)!




Fiona Gervin



Fiona is a fourth-year International Studies and Global Law student at Carleton University.  Fiona’s debate accomplishments include making finals at NAWGM 2024 and Sutherland 2024, along with being a grand finals judge at Guindon 2024.  This is her second year on the CUSID Executive, and her second consecutive year as VP Central. She was elected Carleton University Debating Society’s president in her second year. Fiona shares her passion for debate through coaching elementary aged students and a hockey team! She is excited for another exciting year as VP Central. 

Something you probably wouldn’t know: Fiona once sang the national anthem at a Blue Jays game!


Graham Muise

vice-president east


Graham is a second-year Law student at Dalhousie University. Graham was VP East on CUSID nearly a decade before now, and is happy to return for his second term this year. He has chaired numerous outrounds at tournaments across East over the years. He was a CA for MtA IV in  2017 and Atlantics in 2018. He is also Atlantics 2024 and Hill Invitational 2024 champion. He is sure to continue providing positive contributions to the Eastern circit this year.

Something you probably wouldn’t know:  Graham once met the Queen of England! 


Hargun Rekhi


Hargun is a third-year student at the University of Toronto studying Environmental Science with a double minor in Psychology and French. Hargun loves debating and is passionate about advocating for the merits of this extra-curricular. She has been debating for 4 years and was a CP Nats novice finals winner, Ledger cup semi-finalist and a breaking judge at NorAms. Hargun also adores reading, hiking, going for runs and canoeing. She is excited to contribute to the Canadian debate circuit this year.       

Nikta Ghozati

events director

Nikta, a third-year student at the University of Toronto, is studying Criminology and Sociology. Her passion for debate ignited two years ago, and since then, she has actively participated in 21 tournaments in just 21 months. Early on, Nikta discovered her love for judging and has broken at BP Champs, CP Nats, Guindon, and more. Additionally, she’s a dedicated career-orgcomm member, equitying six tournaments and counting. Joining CUSID, Nikta is excited to collaborate with the executive team and utilize her skills to create engaging and beneficial events for Canadian debaters. With her commitment to fostering a positive debating community, Nikta aims to empower minds and make a lasting impact on the debating landscape.


Larissa Long

tournaments director

Larissa is a second-year student at McMaster University studying Health Sciences. She has been debating for 5 years, and is extremely excited to join the CUSID team this year. Some of Larissa’s accomplishments include winning the novice division of Canadian Parliamentary Championships in 2023.


Christy Abraham



Christy is going into her fourth year, hopefully getting into anthropology this year. She is the president of Umdc, the University of Manitoba Debate club. She enjoys watching movies, especially studio Ghibli films. She  also enjoys travelling, as well as any adventures or opportunities that come my way!