WUDC – The Second Half – Canadian Parliamentary Season

Hello CUSID,

After a rather entertaining WUDC (at least for the onlooker from afar), we enter the second half of our 2013-14 Debating Season. This means the start of Canadian Parliamentary season, everyone’s favourite format! Look forward to fun-filled tournaments such as Winter Carnival at McGill and NorthAms.

Before the fun begins, however, we must offer congratulations to everyone from CUSID who participated at the World Universities Debating Championships in Chennai, India. Particularly, congratulations to the team from McGill A, Cole Bricker and Sarah Balakrishnan, for making the semi-finals. They have made the entire CUSID community incredibly proud. We must further congratulate Sarah Balakrishnan for placing 10th overall in the speaker rankings, and Cole for placing 13th.

As well, congratulations to the other breaking CUSID teams: Hart House A, Sam Greene and Veenu Goswami; and Western A, Victoria Hale and Brent Schmidt.

Full WUDC Tab.

If you wish to read a report of the tumultuous events that took place at this years WUDC, it can be found here:

With that, let the second semester begin – hope it is as much fun as the last.

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