CUSID Constitution (Old)

CUSID Constitution


1. The name of this organization in English shall be the Canadian University Society for

Intercollegiate Debate (“CUSID”). The name of this organization in French shall be la Ligue de Debate Universitaire et Collégiale (“LiDUC”). 




2. CUSID shall be regionally organized into:

A. the Eastern Region, comprised of Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and non-Canadian institutions in the region closest to them;

B. the Central Region, comprised of Ontario, Quebec and non-Canadian institutions in the region closest to them;

C. the Western Region, comprised of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, the Territories, Alaska and non-Canadian institutions in the region closest to them.


Gaining Membership

3. Applications for membership shall be made to the CUSID Executive. Such applications shall include a letter of recognition from the applicant’s student government or university administration, a list of the applicant’s executive members, and a copy of the applicant’s constitution. Upon the receipt of these documents, the CUSID Executive shall:

A. inform the CUSID membership of the application,

B. schedule a vote to approve or deny the application at the next CUSID General Meeting.


4. At the discretion of the CUSID Executive, the application process may be expedited by directly contacting the CUSID membership for approval of the applicant. If a majority of the membership votes in favour, and there are no objections within a reasonable period of time to be specified by the CUSID Executive, the applicant shall be granted immediate membership. In the event of objections, the application shall be voted on at the next CUSID General Meeting.


5. Observer Status allows small clubs that are not currently involved in CUSID to enter and observe for their first year. They would not have access to financial resources, they would not be voting members nor could they host title tournaments. However, they can compete in tournaments and participate in discussions to represent their interests, especially in areas of training. 


6. Organizations whose application for membership is accepted shall be immediately added to Schedule A.



7. There shall be three types of CUSID meeting:

A. general meetings,

B. regional meetings,

C. informal meetings.


8. Minutes shall be kept of each meeting, and must be filed with the Executive and made available to the membership in a timely fashion.


9. The rules of order for each meeting shall be established by the chair of that meeting prior to the start of the meeting, subject to modification by majority vote of the members attending the meeting.


10. All CUSID general/informal meetings must be held online and have at least two weeks notice containing an unofficial agenda unless it is called for emergency circumstances. All voting will be done via electronic communications.  


11. In cases where additional information or deliberation is required, a vote by the majority of the membership in attendance at a meeting shall be sufficient to defer a voting matter raised at that meeting to electronic communication. The chair of the meeting shall be responsible for setting a deadline, verifying the votes, and informing the membership of the result.


12. Notice shall have been given of a meeting when those entitled to attend have been informed,at least two weeks in advance, of the time, place, and expected agenda of such a meeting. Notwithstanding this, in cases of pressing and substantial concern, by vote of the executive, meetings may be called without advance notification, provided that quorum is still met. In all cases, members shall be informed of any changes to the agenda as soon as possible.


General Meetings

13. General meetings are the final governing body of CUSID. The membership and the Executive are bound by decisions taken at general meetings.


14. General meetings shall be called by the Executive and chaired by the President or an appointed representative of the President.


15. A general meeting must be called if the Executive receives a petition signed in the number of twenty five percent of the membership. Only members in good standing may sign such a petition.


16. All members are entitled to attend general meetings and are entitled to notice thereof.


17. Quorum for a general meeting shall be fifty percent of the members in good standing and must include at least one such member from each region in which there is a member in good standing.

18. As far as is possible, at least one general meeting must be held between September and December inclusive, and between January and March inclusive. A third general meeting must be held between April and August. This reflects the three periods (Fall, Winter and Summer) that the CUSID executive governs.


Informal Meetings

19. Informal meetings shall be used for the conveyance of information and for discussion. Resolutions adopted in an informal meeting are non binding.


20. Informal meetings may be called by the Executive, or by any CUSID member. In addition, any general or regional meeting which fails to reach quorum shall become an informal meeting. Where possible, informal meetings shall be chaired by a member of the Executive.


21. Informal meetings have no quorum or notice requirements.



Duties of the Executive

22. The President shall be responsible for

A. overseeing the general welfare and overall functioning of CUSID;

B. promoting CUSID within its membership and to outside interests;

C. representing Canada at Worlds Council and any other international debate events, or appointing a representative to do so on CUSID’s behalf;

D. maintaining communication with the Vice-Presidents;

E. serving as the official spokesperson of CUSID;

F. monitoring and authorizing all financial transactions, jointly with the Treasurer, involving CUSID funds;

G. serving as Chair of the Executive and of general meetings;

H. coordinating the schedule of CUSID member events with the assistance of the regional Vice-Presidents;

I. reviewing and updating Schedule A, jointly with the regional VicePresidents, at the end of the year;

J. compiling a formal report for the final general meeting of the year; and

K. Communicating with the Presidents of LiDUC and APDA

L. compiling a transition report, no later than two months after their term’s end, to be given to the incoming President.


23. The Executive Director shall be responsible for

A. maintaining and moderating the CUSIDnet discussion forum;

B. maintaining and updating the CUSID website;

C. maintaining and updating the CUSID Constitution, the CUSID ByLaws, and the other official documents of CUSID;

D. compiling and distributing a schedule of CUSID member events;

E. recording CUSID meeting minutes;

F. acting in the absence of the President;

G. adhering to the CUSIDnet Statement of Principles bylaw;

H. maintaining an archive of the constitutions of member clubs;

I. compiling a formal report for the final general meeting of the year; and

J. compiling a transition report, no later than two months after their term’s end, to be given to the incoming Executive Director

K. Maintaining and updating CUSID social media platforms


24. The Treasurer shall be responsible for

A. monitoring and authorizing all financial transactions, jointly with the President, involving CUSID funds;

B. preparing the annual budget;

C. maintaining up to date financial records of CUSID, and making them available to the membership upon request; and including an up-to-date list of fee paying members two weeks before general meetings

D. processing reimbursement claims;

E. filing any tax forms concerning CUSID;

F. coordinating any fundraising projects;

G. compiling a formal report for the final general meeting of the year, including a complete set of financial statements; and

H. compiling a transition report, no later than two months after their term’s end, to be given to the incoming Treasurer


Election of the Executive

25. The President, Executive Director, and Treasurer shall be elected each year at a general meeting called for such a purpose. The election will be held at an online general meeting


26. The vice presidents shall be elected every year at respective regional meetings called for such a purpose. In the absence of significant reasons to the contrary, these elections shall be held at the respective Regional Championships.


27. Candidates should only stand for election if they anticipate continuing involvement in CUSID for the duration of their term. In cases where a candidate will not be both a representative of a CUSID member and a registered student at the academic institution represented by that CUSID member, candidates will be expected to justify their candidacy to the voters.


28. Candidates shall be nominated at the time of the election.

A. Candidates may nominate themselves.

B. Nominations must be seconded.

C. Candidates are strongly encouraged to post platforms in advance.


29. Newly elected officers shall take their respective offices on April 1st. The period of time between the election and the beginning of the new year should be used to transfer all necessary articles, effects, legal authorities, etc. from the departing Executive to the incoming Executive.



30. The executive has the power to enact, amend, or repeal bylaws by majority vote. There must be consultation with the CUSID community before the vote. This power can only be exercised at a general meeting, where the bylaw affects CUSID as a whole,or at a regional meeting, where the bylaw affects a single region. Such a meeting must have been called for the purpose of considering such an amendment and the full text of the amendment must be provided to the membership at least fourteen days in advance of the meeting.


31. Constitutional amendments require a 2/3 membership approval. A meeting must be called to consider the amendment and the full text of the amendment must be provided to the membership at least fourteen days in advance.


Whole Document

32. This document, excluding Schedule A, shall be the entire constitution of CUSID. Any and all previous constitutions of CUSID shall be of no force and effect.


















Schedule A

CUSID Central:

Bishops University Debating Society

Carleton University Debating Society

Concordia University Debating Society

Dawson Debating Union

University of Guelph Debating Society

Marianopolis College Debating Society

McGill University Debating Union

MacDebate Society (McMaster)

English Debating Society (uOttawa)

Queen’s Debating Union

RMC Debating Society

Ryerson University Debating Society

Hart House Debating Club (University of Toronto)

Trinity College Literary Society (University of Toronto)

University of Waterloo Debating Society

University of Western Ontario Debating Union

Wilfrid Laurier University Debating Club

Debating Society at York


CUSID East: 

Memorial Debating Society

Mount Allison

Sodales (Dalhousie and King’s Debate Society)

St. Francis Xavier University Debating Society

St. Mary’s University

St. Thomas University

University of New Brunswick (Fredericton) Debating Union



University of Alberta Debating Society

University of British Columbia Debating Society

University of Calgary Debating Society

Okanagan College 

University of Saskatchewan Debating Society

Simon Fraser University Debating Society

University of Winnipeg Debating Association




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