2010 McGill Winter Carnival CUSID Meeting Minutes

Hart House
Mt. Alison
St. FX

1) Membership request of ESG-UQAM
2) Worlds Update from koc
3) Fall 2010 scheduling dates
4) Women’s Tournament
5) CUSID Vimeo Account

Vinay calls the meeting to order at 1:19pm.

1) Membership request of ESG-UQAM
Guillaume: Here’s the club rep.; everything’s in order.
Vinay calls a vote to see who’s in favour of admitting the new member; the vote passes unanimously.

2) Worlds Update from koc
Worlds Council update
Move towards scheduling changes, nothing instituted yet
Guarantee of a single team per institution
Giving spots to teams w/ past competitive success
Botswana will probably be first come first serve
All of this is contingent on future growth trends in worlds size
Also talks of expanding the break
Hart House lost the Worlds bid
There were also some equity issues

Rachel: What is the time-scale for competitive-reserved spots?
Vinay: Nothing specific was decided

Yumi: Who’s the new chair?
Vinay: Same Greenland. He’s from Sydney.

3) Fall 2010 scheduling dates

Vinay: Trouble with scheduling in the past; May/June scheduling doesn’t really help with certain conflicts (Hart House needs to know room bookings a year in advance)

Rachel: We could do it at the fall AGM at BP Nats?

4) Women’s Tournament

Vinay: Problems with representation of women in CUSID, this tournament is an experiment to look at ways of dealing with these problems
This will only work if schools take this seriously; send competitive teams
Competition for women only, but men and women are welcome to attend

Sophie & Lauren:
Lauren: Ice skating and laser quest socials, BP style debating, banquets, public speaking
Sophie: Want men to come out and help judge, getting a lot of female dinos to come out
Billeting will be provided

Yumi: Hybrids?

Kassie: What if a school wants to bid for next year? Bid at Nats?
Vinay: Sure? We’ll decide some way of doing it.

5) CUSID Vimeo Account

Mitchell: been recording videos for a while, there seems to be a lot of interest in them
Absorbing the hosting/bandwidth costs
Looking for a more efficient solution of hosting
Vimeo account will cost $60/year, sufficient for our purposes
Password protected sharing/etc.

Mitchell: 10 minute limit, lack of customized hosting options makes it a bad fit for debating

Yumi: streaming/downloading
Mitchell: Vimeo is mainly a streaming site, but file downloads are accessible w/ a pro account

Husein: Hosting public speaking as well?
Mitchell: Yes

Rudi: Two thumbs up

Vinay: Plagiarized cases; should we be concerned about this?

Brent: Great idea; financially feasible, should maintain current privacy practices
Mitchell: All of the current practices (getting permission, etc.) will still apply

Rudi: You waive your right to ban uploading recordings for certain title tournaments
Wouldn’t ban NBA championship game because some players feel they miss important shots
These are important for promotion and the history of our organization
Jake Liang: Debaters argue (sincerely) for things that you don’t necessarily believe in; videos only convey the sincerity, not what your beliefs are & debate cases don’t necessarily translate well into the real world
There should be clear disclaimers about the beliefs of the speakers in this round

Cal: sharing videos will prevent plagiarism, since everybody knows what you’re doing

Vinay: approve the $60 for vimeo hosting?

Motion: Approve the ED to purchase a Vimeo account on behalf of CUSID ($60/year)
Moved by Mike Soo; Seconded by Waterloo
Approved Unanimously

Meeting adjourned by Vinay at 1:53pm.

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