2010 McGill Winter Carnival CUSID Meeting Minutes

Hart House
Mt. Alison
St. FX

1) Membership request of ESG-UQAM
2) Worlds Update from koc
3) Fall 2010 scheduling dates
4) Women’s Tournament
5) CUSID Vimeo Account

Vinay calls the meeting to order at 1:19pm.

1) Membership request of ESG-UQAM
Guillaume: Here’s the club rep.; everything’s in order.
Vinay calls a vote to see who’s in favour of admitting the new member; the vote passes unanimously.

2) Worlds Update from koc
Worlds Council update
Move towards scheduling changes, nothing instituted yet
Guarantee of a single team per institution
Giving spots to teams w/ past competitive success
Botswana will probably be first come first serve
All of this is contingent on future growth trends in worlds size
Also talks of expanding the break
Hart House lost the Worlds bid
There were also some equity issues

Rachel: What is the time-scale for competitive-reserved spots?
Vinay: Nothing specific was decided

Yumi: Who’s the new chair?
Vinay: Same Greenland. He’s from Sydney.

3) Fall 2010 scheduling dates

Vinay: Trouble with scheduling in the past; May/June scheduling doesn’t really help with certain conflicts (Hart House needs to know room bookings a year in advance)

Rachel: We could do it at the fall AGM at BP Nats?

4) Women’s Tournament

Vinay: Problems with representation of women in CUSID, this tournament is an experiment to look at ways of dealing with these problems
This will only work if schools take this seriously; send competitive teams
Competition for women only, but men and women are welcome to attend

Sophie & Lauren:
Lauren: Ice skating and laser quest socials, BP style debating, banquets, public speaking
Sophie: Want men to come out and help judge, getting a lot of female dinos to come out
Billeting will be provided

Yumi: Hybrids?

Kassie: What if a school wants to bid for next year? Bid at Nats?
Vinay: Sure? We’ll decide some way of doing it.

5) CUSID Vimeo Account

Mitchell: been recording videos for a while, there seems to be a lot of interest in them
Absorbing the hosting/bandwidth costs
Looking for a more efficient solution of hosting
Vimeo account will cost $60/year, sufficient for our purposes
Password protected sharing/etc.

Mitchell: 10 minute limit, lack of customized hosting options makes it a bad fit for debating

Yumi: streaming/downloading
Mitchell: Vimeo is mainly a streaming site, but file downloads are accessible w/ a pro account

Husein: Hosting public speaking as well?
Mitchell: Yes

Rudi: Two thumbs up

Vinay: Plagiarized cases; should we be concerned about this?

Brent: Great idea; financially feasible, should maintain current privacy practices
Mitchell: All of the current practices (getting permission, etc.) will still apply

Rudi: You waive your right to ban uploading recordings for certain title tournaments
Wouldn’t ban NBA championship game because some players feel they miss important shots
These are important for promotion and the history of our organization
Jake Liang: Debaters argue (sincerely) for things that you don’t necessarily believe in; videos only convey the sincerity, not what your beliefs are & debate cases don’t necessarily translate well into the real world
There should be clear disclaimers about the beliefs of the speakers in this round

Cal: sharing videos will prevent plagiarism, since everybody knows what you’re doing

Vinay: approve the $60 for vimeo hosting?

Motion: Approve the ED to purchase a Vimeo account on behalf of CUSID ($60/year)
Moved by Mike Soo; Seconded by Waterloo
Approved Unanimously

Meeting adjourned by Vinay at 1:53pm.

2009 University of Saskatchewan Nationals CUSID Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order – 2:06 pm

2. Roll call and voting rights

  • Present: Maria – UBC
  • Iain – Usask
  • Chris – Calgary
  • Sarah – Alberta
  • Jessica – Regina
  • Stephanie – Brandon
  • Dafne – Waterloo
  • Ari – Manitoba
  • Remi – Carleton
  • Emmett – York
  • Steve – Western
  • Christine – Queens
  • Sophie – McGill
  • Richard – Hart House
  • Dan – RMC
  • Valerie – EDS
  • Ali – Dalhousie


  • Alaska -> Alberta
  • St. FX -> Ali
  • Marianopolis -> McGill
  • Acadia -> Auyon (Baltar)
  • Trin -> York

3. Approval and additions to the agenda
No additions. Approval unanimous.

4. Approval of previous minutes
All are in favour save Hart House

5. Oral Exec Reports
Adam Coombs, President
Northams Hybrids, Amherst only informed them two weeks in advance.
After consultation with DCA and CUSID executive the decision was made
to allow them.
Tournament running guide: is ready.
Alex Amar, Executive Director
CUSID is bad at giving back money – Alex’s mom still owns CUSIDnet.
The executive director is a very demanding position, with a lot more
to it than just running the website, perhaps it should be split into
two positions.
Minutes for Queens Nats are not in existence
Static documents will be updated cooperating with Mitchell
Richard – Commends Alex for his efforts
Rudi Lof (Treasurer)
Still doesn’t have any signing authority (applause from HH).
Account is difficult to pass signing authority, and charges CUSID $5 a month.
Recommends creating an account with Citizens Bank, which can be
updated more easily and will direct money towards charity.
Garnett – How does the charitable contribution work?
Charitable contributions are done in much the same way as PC points.
VP West (Emily Cliff)
West has seen increased participation, more clubs and increased
tournament attendance.
Increased French debate in the west, first French tournament in the
west in memory.
Ombudsman (Vinay)
They held numerous forums and have drafted a guide for CA’s in terms
of including increased female participation in debating.
Ombudsman (Sarah)
People are getting along.
Nick – Were there any complaints?
Vinay – No
Valerie – What is the status of the woman’s comitee
Vinay – It didn’t happen but will hopefully happen in the future.

5.1 President
5.2 Executive Director
5.3 Treasurer
5.4 French
5.5 Regional VPs
5.6 Ombuddies

6. Constitutional Amendments

6.1 Addition of Mount Allison to Schedule A
VP East: Uh yes.
All are in favour.

6.2 Make Western Pro-Am a sanctioned tournament.
Emily Cliff – I was pretty sure it was a sanctioned tournament for
hybrids. Considering hybrids are allowed at the tournament we feel it
would be useful to formalize the situation.
Alex Amar – Back in 2004 we amended the bylaws to allow hybrids at
the regional novices.
Motioned by Saks, seconded by Alberta
All in favour, HH abstains.

6.3 Vote to add Western Pro-Am to the list of tournaments with
exemptions for hybrids.
All in favour.
6.4 Vote to allow regional novices to the list of tournaments allowing Hybrids
All in favour

7. Motion to amend scheduling bylawss

8. Amended MOU
APDA president and I have discussed updating MOU.
Brought style guide into corespondance with actual practice at tournaments.
Vinay – Can we see it?
Vote to adjourn @ 2:41

9. National Title Tournaments

10. Elections

10.1 P
10.2 ED
10.3 Treasurer

11. New Business

12. Adjournment


1. call to order – 11:03 am

2. roll call and voting rights

  • Maria – UBC
  • Iain – Usask
  • Chris – Calgary
  • Sean – Alberta
  • Jenna – Guelph
  • Jessica – Regina
  • Stephanie – Brandon
  • Dafne – Waterloo
  • Ari – Manitoba
  • Remi – Carleton
  • Emmett – York
  • Steve – Western
  • Christine – Queens
  • Josh – McGill
  • Richard – Hart House
  • Dan – RMC
  • Valerie – EDS
  • Auyon – Dalhousie


  • Alaska -> Alberta
  • St. FX -> Ali
  • Marianopolis -> McGill
  • Acadia -> Auyon (Baltar)
  • Trin -> York

7. Motion to amend scheduling bylawss
Adam: I think we should discuss this on CUSIDnet. Shaughnessy isn’t here. And no one knows exactly what they want.

8. Amended MOU
APDA president and I have discussed updating MOU.
Brought style guide into corespondance with actual practice at tournaments.
Vinay – Can we see it?
Vote to adjourn @ 12:41
Adam reads out the amendments. Motion, Nick, Second RMC.

9. National Title Tournaments

NorthAms: Osgoode.
Bidding: RUDI LOF: no questions re the post. We ran novice very well, fed you well. We have the capacity, and the school is very enthusiastic about supporting us. Everything might be in the same building. I will be meeting with senior admin to discuss our approaches to law firm outreach. We like the idea of subsidizing teams from outside central. As much as our club is young, it is deep and enthusiastic. I WILL LITERALLY KILL PEOPLE IF THE TOURNAMENT DOES NOT RUN ON TIME. I WILL DROP YOU, HIT YOU, GET IN THE FACE OF THE CHIEF ADJUDICATOR, WHATEVER IT TAKES.
Aaron Rankin: position on making it cheaper for central v. east & west?
Rudi: No strong position right now; we’ll consider the resources clubs have. I’d like either free reg or some other type of subsidy. We will
do our best to iron out the issues of the tournament being in central.
Nick Shk: rationale behind selection of CA? He’s not been on the circuit for a few years –
Rudi: very dedicated, also very supportive of the club. I know I can work with him. Re experience, Brent is ACA, and will be giving an on the ground perspective and helping with judge slotting.
Adam – no more questions – voice vote?
AYEs have it.

Bidding: Essi … chikmorof?
2005 BP Nats, 2007 Worlds, McGoun this year. The UBC IV gets American teams and this built up knowledge in the club about hosting… plus we have an awesome working relationship with the university. We have a deep alumni pool; we capped reg at 140/40, but we’re hoping to get lower. Dash is our CA. We will have minor-friendly socials. McGoun was ahead of schedule.
Adam – no more questions – voice vote?
AYEs have it.

Bidding: Alberta
I am Ashvin Singh and I have a bidding problem. We’re incredibly punctual. We have run a bunch of tournaments lately. March 19th-21st – CA is Jason Rogers. We have a big club. 22 here, 18 staying next year, lots of folks not here.
Richard: DCAs – east and west, or east and central?
Adam – no more questions – voice vote?
AYEs have it.

10. Elections

10.1 P
MCGILL nominates VINAY
This is my 4th year. I’m this year’s ombuds.
1 – women’s tournament at UBC – this should spread in CUSID. Empirically and anecdotally, successful.
2 – how do you find funding, how do you run a club. Usually institutional memory; we should centralize this knowledge. Do a survey; members only disclose what they feel is appropriate.
3 – outreach programs. Some clubs are lucky and have consistent execs; we lose clubs with one iffy exec. Plus, some clubs lack … BP experience.
Alex – At public speaking this year a large number of members from one club piled into one room to encourage their own speakers and ignore other schools speakers. As president how would you encourage social interaction amongst clubs?
No reply.
Nick – re NorAms – what do you think about a hypothetical BP NorthAms? There’s been talk of a summer tournament; I think it’s a really good idea.
Ali – the past three presidents have attended tournaments in all regions.
VInay – yep.
Adam – no more questions – voice vote?
AYEs have it.

10.2 ED
Adam – no more questions – voice vote?
AYEs have it. Trin, marianopolis and SEDFUO vote no.

10.3 Treasurer
York nominates BRENT
Osgoode, formerly Calgary. I’ve been a treasurer before.
1 – taking
2 – depositing
3 – distributing.
I can do this. Signing authority is hard to get. I will take aggressive action to remedy this. I want to assemble a standard CUSID fundraising package. I would like to undertake fundraising on the behalf of CUSID itself. McGill – how do you feel about treasure. … broadly in favour.

11. New Business
11.1 Constitutional review.

Our consititution has holes. It should be more reflective; fill in ‘language holes’. Dash and I would like – we are big law nerds – first, backtrack and see where we have evidence to make changes that aren’t reflected in the static documents, second, get an oral history and see what needs to be re-passed.
1 – club membership is not institutional membership.
2 – the only mentions of regional rotation are kind of muddy.
A) No changes; just clearing things up
B) Final product will be line-by-line comparative.
Motion to empower nick and dash to form a committee put forward by HH, second by Sask
EDS: regional representation?
Adam – no more questions – voice vote?
AYEs have it.

12 Adjournment
HH second by RMC

2007 Queen’s University CUSID Central Region Meeting

CUSID Central Region Meeting

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Queen’s University


McMaster University (Kozo Ota)

University of Guelph (Shaughnessy Hawkins)

Carleton University (Adam Coombs)

University of Western Ontario (Cari Ferguson)

Lakehead University (Miranda Serravalle)

University of Toronto (Hart House) (Sarah Ingimundson)

York University (Rudi Lof)

University of Ottawa (English Debating Society) (Bill Hughes)

Royal Military College (Jon Douglas)

Queen’s University (Sarah Sahagian)

McGill University (Bryan Badali)

Bishops University (Ben Wald)

University of Waterloo – Directed proxy

Chair: Kozo Ota

Minutes: Kozo Ota

1. Call to Order


2. Approval of Agenda


3. Bids for Novice

Osgoode Hall (York) presents a bid for Central Novice.

Concerns are raised about Amir Mohareb’s experience with being a CA. Osgoode believes Amir has the relevant skills to come up with resolutions, and that he is willing to seek help from more experienced past Chief Adjudicators. There will be an informal team around Amir, but he will lead his adjudication team.

Concerns are raised about the 60 team cap being too low, and how realistic it would be to raise it. Osgoode might have logistics and judging issues if the cap is raised. The number was determined based on informal polling, and the club was not willing to organize a larger tournament without compromising the quality of judging. If the region is willing to commit to sending enough judges Osgoode will work hard enough to guarantee that the cap can be raised. There is general agreement that the community will work with Osgoode to allow a raising of the team cap.

Concerns are raised about the proposed “speed dating” social. Some feel that the forced socialization aspect of the event will not be well received by novices. Given the nature of Ontario’s drinking laws and novice ages it seems unrealistic to expect the same kind of socials possible in Quebec. Furthermore some feel that drinking has been over-emphasized and welcome Osgoode’s social idea. Osgoode ultimately believes that if clubs sell the idea to their novices positively the event will be successful.

MOTION to accept Osgoode’s bid for Central Novice, in principle, without a commitment to open or closed quarters.

Disposition: Passes with dissents on a voice vote.

A vote is taken to determine whether Osgoode Central Novice should have open or closed quarters.

Disposition: Osgoode Central Novice will have closed quarter finals.

4. Bids for Leger

The Royal Military College presents a bid for Leger.

Since the presentation of their bid on CUSIDnet, RMC has discovered their scheduling options are more flexible. Including dates in the first semester, RMC would also be able to host in the second semester on the traditional Dorchester weekend (vacated by Carleton’s successful NorAms bid).

A vote is taken to determine whether the membership would like to see Leger held in the first semester or the second semester.

Disposition: The membership unanimously decides it would like Leger to be hosted in second semester.

MOTION to accept RMC’s bid for Leger Cup in second semester.

Disposition: Passed unanimously on a voice vote.

5. Scheduling Discussion


6. Other Business


7. Adjournment


2006 Hart House IV CUSID Fall General Meeting

CUSID Fall General Meeting

Sunday October 22, 2006

1. Call to Order

Meeting starts at 12:49.

2. Roll Call and Voting Rights

Executives Present:

Padraic Ryan (President)

Paul-Erik Veel (Vice-President Central)

Chris Sommerville (Treasurer)

Voting rights:

Cari Ferguson (UWO)

Shaugnessy Hawkins (Guelph)

Mike Pass (McMaster)

Ashish Sinha (UBC/Dal/Alberta)

Tay Hughes (EDS)

Brent Kettles (Calgary)

Steve Dickie (Queen’s)

Adam Coombs (Carleton)

Zac Irving (Trin)

Sarah Ingimundson (Hart House)

Vinay Kumar-Mysore (McGill)

Also present:

Kozo Ota (Secretary)

Mark Samberg

3. Additions to and Approval of the Agenda

Members wanted to have an informal discussion on a CUSIDnet moderation policy and scheduling under the heading of New Business.

Agenda is APPROVED as amended.

4. Approval of Previous Minutes

Previous minutes have not been made available to the membership, and cannot be approved.

6. Constitutional Amendments

A. Amendment to Schedule A for new full memberships.

John Abbot College have not yet not submitted the requisite documents to be considered for full membership at this time.

Both the University of Lethbridge and the University of Windsor have submitted the necessary documents to be considered for full membership. Since both schools are the only clubs on their campus, the membership decide to vote on both school’s together.

-Motion to amendment to Schedule A of the CUSID Constitution to include the University of Windsor and the University of Lethbridge. PASSED

Discussion regarding the inclusion of Osgoode Hall in Schedule A:

Kozo conveys a message on behalf of the Osgoode Exec. Osgoode students have different needs from the general undergrad population served by the DSY. Because it is a postgraduate institution members do not necessarily identify with the undergrad population of the DSY. Finally there used to be a separate Osgoode Debate Society, this is a revival of a previous club not a creation of an entirely new one.

Dash believes that the CUSID community should come up with codified criteria about multiple clubs in one school before deciding on Osgoode matter.

Zac agrees that there needs to be a code of some sort. From Trinity’s perspective there is a sense of identification among members which can prevent them for debating with others on campus. Wonders whether criteria would make distinctions based on Federated college status.

Cari believes these separate clubs should attempt to integrate which is what happened at UWO.

The membership agree to set criteria for multiple clubs at same school, and to pospone the vote on Osgoode Hall until such a criteria is created..

B. Re-numbering

a) “58. The membership has the power to enact, amend, or repeal by-laws, by majority vote. This power can only be exercised at a general meeting. Such a meeting must have been called for the purpose of considering such an amendment and the full text of the amendment must be provided to the membership two weeks in advance of the meeting. Notice of the meeting shall be in accordance with section 62 of this Constitution (NOTICE OF A MEETING).”

be changed to

“…Notice of the meeting shall be in accordance with section 63 of this Constitution (NOTICE OF A MEETING)”

b) “60 This constitution shall only be amended by a two-thirds vote at a general meeting. Such a meeting must have been called for the purpose of considering such an amendment and the full text of the amendment must be provided to the membership two weeks in advance of the meeting. Notice of the meeting shall be in accordance with section 62 of this Constitution (NOTICE OF A MEETING).”

be changed to

“…Notice of the meeting shall be in accordance with section 63 of this Constitution (NOTICE OF A MEETING).”


Kozo briefly mentions that a renumbering agenda item used to be standard at the end of CUSID meetings.

Both renumbering amendments PASS without further discussion.

7. By-law Proposals and Amendments

Tournament Scheduling Bylaw

A. “7. On dates where a nationally-sanctioned tournament is scheduled, no other tournaments may be scheduled.”

be changed to

“7. On dates where a nationally-sanctioned tournament is scheduled, no other tournaments of the same language may be scheduled.”


-Padraic explains the situations that precipitated this discussion was when UBC was investigating the possibility of running a French tournament on NorAms weekend, and in order to allow UWO to host an English invitational on French Nats weekend. The UWO situation comes with the approval of the TD and French Language Director.

-Tay is believes that this amendment can draw debaters away from French tournaments and might stunt the growth of a smaller French club.

-Shaugnessy believes it creates conflict for those who would like to try French debating. Understands that this particular situation is works out, and would like to examine each situation on a case by case basis rather than pass a blanket amendment.

-Dash believes that the problem of one tournament “syphoning” debaters would be minimal. From past experience the people who attend French Nats would have been there regardless.

-Ashish points out that the amendment allows more flexibility in the French schedule and allows for more tournaments.

-Shaughnessy think too many tournament hurts CUSID might not want to incentivize having more tournament.

The motion to amend the bylaws as proposed FAILED.

The membership agree to table an amendment that would allow case-by-case examination by the Executive at the next possible meeting.

8. New Business

Chris explains that the budget is the same as last year. The membership fee was lowered to $8.75 because the budget was to be split up between more clubs.

The CUSID budget was PASSED as presented.

Due to time issues the membership agree to have the discussion on the Scheduling Policy and CUSIDnet Moderation Policy in the President’s Forum of CUSIDnet.

9. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 13:17.

2006 Carleton University CUSID Spring General Meeting

CUSID Spring General Meeting Minutes

March 18 and 19, 2006

Carleton University

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call and Voting Rights

Executive Present:

Jess Prince, President (Chair)

Joanna Langille, Treasurer

Myles McNutt, Vice-President, Atlantic Region

Erin Reddekopp, Vice-President, Western Region

Paul-Erik Veel, Vice-President, Central Region

Michael Kotrly, National Ombudsperson

Schools and Voting Rights:

Acadia University

University of Alaska (proxy carried by Teddy Harrison)

Unviersity of Alberta

Athabasca University

Brandon University (proxy carried by Erin Reddekopp)

Bishop’s University  (Ben)

University of British Columbia

University of Calgary

Carleton University

Concordia University

University College of Cape Breton

Dalhousie University

English Debating Society, University of Ottawa

University of Guelph

Hart House, University of Toronto

Lakehead University

McGill University

McMaster University

University of New Brunswick

Queen’s University

Royal Military College

University of Saskatchewan (proxy carried by James Crossman)

St. Francis Xavier University

Trinity College, University of Toronto

University of Waterloo

University of Western Ontario

Wilfrid Laurier University

York University

Fully-directed proxies:

École Polytechnique de Montréal

Also present:

University of Manitoba (proxy carried by Meredith Tapper)

University of Winnipeg (proxy carried by Meredith Tapper)

3. Approval of the Agenda

– Motioned by Saskatchewan, seconded by Alberta.  Motion carries unanimously.

4. Approval of Previous Minutes

– Motioned by Bishop’s, seconded by McMaster.  Motion carries unanimously.

5. Oral Executive Reports


Report found in http://www.cusid.ca/documents/reports/2005-2006/president.final.html

Executive Director:

Report found in http://www.cusid.ca/documents/reports/2005-2006/ed.final.html


Report found in http://www.cusid.ca/documents/reports/2005-2006/treasurer.final.html

Director of French Language Debate:

Report found in http://www.cusid.ca/documents/reports/2005-2006/directrice.final.html

National Ombudsperson:

Although most of the National Ombudperson’s Report is confidential, Michael Kotrly reported that there was some need to clarify the role of the National Ombudsperson and his or her regional partners.

6. Constitutional amendments

A.  Amendment to Schedule A for new full memberships: University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba


  • Winnipeg and Manitoba both had provisional membership and the required documents for full membership.

– Motioned by St. FX, seconded by Athabasca.  Motion carries unanimously.

B.  Amendments to the “Executive” section:

43. The Executive Director shall be responsible for
a. maintaining the CUSID WWW site and CUSID-Net mailing list CUSIDnet discussion forum

42. The President shall be responsible for

Addition of:

i. reviewing and updating Schedule A, jointly with the Treasurer, at his/her term’s end

44. The Treasurer shall be responsible for

Addition of:

j. reviewing and updating Schedule A, jointly with the President, at his/her term’s end

Proposed by: Executive Director 2005/2006.

– Motioned by Hart House, seconded by Western.  Motion carries unanimously.

C. Other Amendments:


  • Kozo Ota (McMaster) proposed a change to Article 52, which would require candidates for executive positions to declare their candidacy more than one week in advance of the CUSID meeting.  Kozo explained that it is difficult for schools to submit proxies when platforms are not posted, and that it limits the ability of clubs to have proper consultation and represent the wishes of their club democratically.  Even if individuals were only required to declare their candidacy and not post a platform, a list of names would be very helpful.
  • Ben Wald (Bishop’s) asked if this motion would mean that if no one posted their platform a week in advance then there would be no executive.  Kozo agreed that this would be the implication of his proposal.
  • Bryan Badali  (McGill) yielded the floor to Jason Rogers, who noted that the McGill Debating Union has thought about adopting such a plan in years past, and had opted not to do so because of the fear that it would discourage last-minute candidates, lose a measure of flexibility, and ultimately make the elections less democratic.  It’s not a matter of people deliberately misleading the electorate; rather, they are just not certain if they want to run.
  • Chris Niewiadomski  (RMC) asked what would count as declaring ones candidacy?  Jess (President) stated that it would likely be a post on CUSIDnet.  Kozo (McMaster) accepted this as a friendly amendment to the motion.
  • Joanna Nairn (Hart House) commented that this would mean people could not run for multiple positions on the executive.

– Motioned by Athabasca that this discussion be continued on CUSIDnet, seconded by McMaster.  Motion carries unanimously.

7. New business

Tournament Attendance:

  • Joanna Nairn (Hart House) brought up the issues of declining membership in CUSID, and asked what could be done about it.  She suggested that perhaps the problem is that tournaments are becoming too informal and disorganized, and not enough of an ‘event.’
  • Mark Botte (UCCB) agreed with Jo that this is a major issue, but had the opposite response – in his opinion, tournaments are becoming too formal and not enough fun.
  • Bernard Dawson (WLU) agreed with Mark that the issue was not the formality of the tournament, as tournaments, even when CUSID was much larger, never ran on time.  Bernard argued that smaller tournaments are better than large ones, and that big tournaments should have the same feel as small tournaments in order to keep the CUSID identity.
  • Kozo Ota (McMaster) identified the real issue as being the high cost of entry, perhaps as a function of the new prevalence of banquets which drive up the cost.  Jess (President) said that the recent Mac Pro-Am was a testament to how small tournaments could be successful.
  • Laura Kusisto(Queen’s) agreed that at Queen’s it is an issue of money, and Jess agreed that the same problem exists at McGill.
  • Michael Payton (York) thought that the problem was that going to every tournament doesn’t work for all clubs.

-Motioned by McGill that this discussion be continued on CUSIDnet, seconded by Laurier.  Motion carries unanimously.

[At this point in the meeting, several people left to do public speaking.  Votes were proxied as thus:

Lakehead University (proxy carried by Dave Sorensen)

English Debating Society, University of Ottawa (proxy carried by John Sergeant)

University of Guelph (proxy carried by Kozo Ota)

Royal Military College (proxy carried by John Sergeant)

Concordia University (proxy carried by Laurier)]

8. National Championship Bids

Designation of CUSID Nationals, March 2007
Bidding school: Queen’s University


  • Laura Kusisto and Adam Lazier presented the 2007 Nationals bid from Queens.  Meredith (Western) asked whether novices would be in the normal break or a novice break, and Laura stated that they would do whatever the CUSID community wanted. Ben Piper (Carleton) yielded the floor to Padraic Ryan, who stated that the novice break was the only reason he kept debating in CUSID.
  • Chris Rivers (Acadia) asked whether resolutions would be squirrelable, and Laura replied in the affirmative.
  • Joanna Nairn (Hart House) asked whether they would still host Chancellors; Laura replied that it was likely but not entirely confirmed.
  • Christopher Macmillan (Calgary) asked about the cost; Laura replied that the cost wasn’t finalized but that they would be looking in to sponsorship options.

– Motioned by McGill, seconded by Bishop’s.  Motion carries unanimously.


– Motioned by Saskatchewan to adjourn, seconded by Hart House. Motion carries unanimously. It was decided to reconvene the next day to complete the agenda.

Call to Order

Meeting reconvened on March 19, 2006.

Second Roll Call

Acadia University

Unviersity of Alaska (proxy carried by Teddy Harrison)

University of Alberta

Athabasca University

Bishop’s University

Brandon University (proxy carried by Erin Reddekopp)

University of British Columbia

Carleton University

Concordia (proxy carried by EDS)

Dalhouse University

English Debating Society, University of Ottawa

Guelph University

Hart House, University of Toronto

Lakehead University

University of Manitoba (proxy carried by Meredith Tapper)

McGill University

McMaster University

University of New Brunswick

Queen’s University

Royal Military College

University of Saskatchewan (proxy carried by James Crossman)

St. Francis Xavier University

Trinity College, University of Toronto

University of Waterloo (proxy carried by Bernard Dawson)

University of Western Ontario

University of Winnipeg (proxy carried by Meredith Tapper)

Wilfrid Laurier University

York University

Jess noted that Manitoba and Winnipeg hadn’t paid dues at the last meeting yesterday – but they paid in last 24 hours and are now on the list.

9. Elections for the 2006-2007 CUSID Executive

Each candidate is given five minutes to speak.  The speaking order is determined by last name alphabetically.

A. President


– Padraic Ryan

– Meredith Tapper

– Nominations approved unanimously.

Padraic Ryan:

He introduced himself and explained that he has been debating at Carleton for three years, which was the most important intellectual activity he has ever experienced.  He is running because he wants to be involved in debating and to expand the quantity and quality of debating in Canada.  He would like to make it accessible to the most people in the best way possible.  At Carleton, they have seen the culmination of a great club building process.  The skills and experience that he has from going through this process are relevant to his ability to act as CUSID President.  Padraic has experience ‘in all brackets’ and can thus represent the views of a variety of types of debaters.  Debating should be an educational experience that is interactive and developmental.  Padraic spoke to five campaign issues:

Small schools issue: he will use own experience and try and share those skills with others.

French Debating: he plans to compete at a French tournament and can speak French. Also, the knowledge he has on small schools issues are transferable to French schools.

Women/Equity: he is a feminist and supports improving the status of women in CUSID.

Regional Development: he will attend a tournament in each region.

Northams and Worlds Council: he knows about these issues too.

Meredith Tapper:

She explained her motivations for running – she has been in CUSID for three years and has enjoyed the intellectual development and the people.  She wishes CUSID to have an open environment where everyone is comfortable.  She has been the President of Western’s club, which has fundraised significantly and formulated bonds with other clubs.  Meredith is very interested in communication issues.  The most important role for the CUSID President to fulfill is to coordinate communication between clubs.  She hopes to take on initiatives such as creating a tournament directing guide, among other communication-based projects.  Meredith would also represent CUSID at Northams by standing up for Canadian interests, and would effectively deal with other organizations such as school administrations, companies, etc.  Communication would be further facilitated by the creation of a CUSID email list, which would help those people who do not check CUSIDnet, particularly French schools.


Alberta: We abolished Western MoA because it was outdated and unenforceable, and we wanted to outline rules in the running of McGoun.  With the existence of regional issues such as these, what can you do to help regions?

Padraic:  He agreed that it wasn’t necessary to have constitutional document like MoA.  His primary mode of assistance would be through communication, such as seeking out clubs to bit for title tournaments, etc.  He also emphasized that it’s okay to have a competitive bid process.  The only problem is when the lines of communication are too informal.

Meredith:  She is in favor of decentralization.  However, as President she wants to facilitate discussions within regions, particularly over tournament bids.

Athabasca: Can you communicate in French, because the new director of French Debate does not speak English?

Meredith:  She can communicate in French (primarily written) and grew up in a French culture.

Padraic:  [In French]  He speaks French with an intermediate level of speaking and writing.  He is confident in his ability to translate in the Exec forum, for example.  He intends to compete at a French tournament.

Hart House: Both candidates mention centralizing the role of President in Nationals fundraising.  To what extent should the President be distributing resources?

Meredith: In general her platform is not in favor of centralizing power.  Her goal with respect to Nats is to have it hosted in all regions and hopefully coordinate the appropriate money for traveling.

Padraic:  During the title tournament bidding process this might be relevant, but is ultimately at the discretion of the host school.

Alaska:  I’m glad to see importance of representing CUSID at Northams and Worlds Council.  What are your particular qualifications or skills to sit on those bodies?

Padraic:  He broke this year at Worlds and attended the women’s forum there.  He also reads about world debating issues.  Equity is an essential element of his perspective at the table.

Meredith:  She attended Worlds and made many friends there; she doesn’t hold the belief that you have to break at worlds to contribute at the Worlds Council table.  She is educated in communication and negotiation.

Bishop’s: On the issue of increasing tournament fees, what would your position be on getting more smaller or cheaper tournaments?

Meredith: Although cheaper tournaments are good idea, there is nothing President can enforce.

Padraic: He agrees that we should have smaller tournaments, but that by facilitating the bid process we can solve for this issue.

McGill: There has been a serious drop in participation. What would President do to combat that?

Padraic:  Combating this issue is about making debating seem as open and inclusive as possible.  We could eliminate injokes in opening briefings, for example.

Meredith:  This is a culture issue – we need schools to interact with one another at the very beginning to address this.  We should moderate the level of exclusivity. Meredith attempted to make people aware of the ombudsperson in addressing these issues while she was in that role.

Brittany Piovesan (former Director of French Language Debate): Why were your platforms only in English?

Meredith:  She can understand French and is committed to this issue.

Padraic:  It was a mistake.  There is no simple solution, but one thing that could be done would be to have platforms half in French and half in English.

Dalhousie ceded the floor to Jen Bond: There is a current problem with Central and ‘the regions’ (ugly step-child metaphor).   What do you really think that the President can do for the East?

Padraic:  He is not going to promise something unrealistic.  However, the lessons of developing small schools issues can apply, and he would like to ensure that there is a level of respect so people don’t feel alienated.

Meredith:  Each region does have issues; these issues are most effectively deal with by the Vice Presidents, but there are resource problems that apply to all regions.

Vote: 17-11 in favour of Padraic Ryan for 2006-2007 CUSID President.

B. Executive Director


– Carleton nominates Graham Pressey, seconded by Saskatchewan.  Nomination approved unanimously.

– Dalhousie nominates Chris Rivers, seconded by RMC.  Nomination approved unanimously.

Graham Pressey:

He likened CUSIDnet to cocaine for computer geeks, and described his love of CUSIDnet.  He is studying computer science, and has moderated boards in the past.  He also has organizational experience with CUSID, as he is the assistant tabs director for Nationals.  He is dedicated and levelheaded and feels he will be affective.

Chris Rivers:

He likes CUSIDnet, and the Acadia Advantage means he likes computers.  He has some experience with computers, and knows where to ask for help.  He is from another region, and has credibility because he takes CUSID very seriously.  ED’s need to understand more than just computer issues.  He would create a mailing list, and would create a short-term file sharing capacity on CUSIDnet.  In terms of moderating, he cares about equity.


Hart House: Wth respect to equity, how far should the free speech argument go? Would you work with Ombudspeople?

Graham:  There is a need to balance free speech with equity, and would work with Ombuddies.

Rivers:  He would go to Ombudspeople for advice.

McMaster: Do you have the technical skills?

Rivers: He doen’t need help with email list, and can get help for file sharing.

Graham:  Rivers ideas are very good, and would be simple to do.

Vote: 20-7-1 (abstention) in favour of Chris Rivers for 2006-2007 CUSID Executive Director.

C. Treasurer


– McMaster nominates Chris Somerville, seconded by Hart House.  Nomination approved unanimously.

– Brandon nominates Monica Ferris, seconded by Queen’s.  Nomination approved unanimously.

Monica Ferris:

She stated that she works at her father’s accounting firm, and knows how to look at lots of boring facts and figures.  She would like to do a few things: accurately reflect the cost of tournaments in the open letter with respect to the different costs people from different regions face, and would like to have more national visibility because regional VPs can embezzle.  To achieve this latter goal, Monica would travel to the regions to collect money.

Chris Somerville:

He likes different perspectives on issues and feels this is the best way to contribute to the executive.  He has been a treasurer three times in his life, and is comfortable handling money and effectively communication.  He has a sufficient administrative capacity and has done committee work.  Chris speaks French.


Bishop’s: Do you have any particular projects as an Exec member?

Chris:  The open letter sounds like a good idea.

Monica:  We already have an open letter, but she would improve it. She would also go to the regions.

Vote: 17-11 in favour of Chris Somerville for 2006-2007 CUSID Treasurer.

10. Adjournment

Motion carries unanimously.