2007 Queen’s University CUSID Central Region Meeting

CUSID Central Region Meeting

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Queen’s University


McMaster University (Kozo Ota)

University of Guelph (Shaughnessy Hawkins)

Carleton University (Adam Coombs)

University of Western Ontario (Cari Ferguson)

Lakehead University (Miranda Serravalle)

University of Toronto (Hart House) (Sarah Ingimundson)

York University (Rudi Lof)

University of Ottawa (English Debating Society) (Bill Hughes)

Royal Military College (Jon Douglas)

Queen’s University (Sarah Sahagian)

McGill University (Bryan Badali)

Bishops University (Ben Wald)

University of Waterloo – Directed proxy

Chair: Kozo Ota

Minutes: Kozo Ota

1. Call to Order


2. Approval of Agenda


3. Bids for Novice

Osgoode Hall (York) presents a bid for Central Novice.

Concerns are raised about Amir Mohareb’s experience with being a CA. Osgoode believes Amir has the relevant skills to come up with resolutions, and that he is willing to seek help from more experienced past Chief Adjudicators. There will be an informal team around Amir, but he will lead his adjudication team.

Concerns are raised about the 60 team cap being too low, and how realistic it would be to raise it. Osgoode might have logistics and judging issues if the cap is raised. The number was determined based on informal polling, and the club was not willing to organize a larger tournament without compromising the quality of judging. If the region is willing to commit to sending enough judges Osgoode will work hard enough to guarantee that the cap can be raised. There is general agreement that the community will work with Osgoode to allow a raising of the team cap.

Concerns are raised about the proposed “speed dating” social. Some feel that the forced socialization aspect of the event will not be well received by novices. Given the nature of Ontario’s drinking laws and novice ages it seems unrealistic to expect the same kind of socials possible in Quebec. Furthermore some feel that drinking has been over-emphasized and welcome Osgoode’s social idea. Osgoode ultimately believes that if clubs sell the idea to their novices positively the event will be successful.

MOTION to accept Osgoode’s bid for Central Novice, in principle, without a commitment to open or closed quarters.

Disposition: Passes with dissents on a voice vote.

A vote is taken to determine whether Osgoode Central Novice should have open or closed quarters.

Disposition: Osgoode Central Novice will have closed quarter finals.

4. Bids for Leger

The Royal Military College presents a bid for Leger.

Since the presentation of their bid on CUSIDnet, RMC has discovered their scheduling options are more flexible. Including dates in the first semester, RMC would also be able to host in the second semester on the traditional Dorchester weekend (vacated by Carleton’s successful NorAms bid).

A vote is taken to determine whether the membership would like to see Leger held in the first semester or the second semester.

Disposition: The membership unanimously decides it would like Leger to be hosted in second semester.

MOTION to accept RMC’s bid for Leger Cup in second semester.

Disposition: Passed unanimously on a voice vote.

5. Scheduling Discussion


6. Other Business


7. Adjournment


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